Bring art to life for your kids!

Art brings beauty and inspiration to our lives. So why is it so hard to get kids excited about it? Our audio stories make learning art fun and exciting–an adventure they won't forget!

What You Get

Six 30-minute audio stories about Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, O'Keeffe and Kandinsky that will spark your child's love of art.

Parent guides with discussion points, activities, recipes and extra information on the artists and their work.

Stream from our website or download to your own devices for offline listening.

Listen to a Sample

A clip from "The Vanishing Flowers: A Story about Vincent van Gogh"

"These stories are so engaging and so much fun! My boys now know more about some of these painters than I do! We actually discussed Kandinsky over breakfast yesterday! These are rare treasures!"

Rebecca K.

"Listening to these stories have gotten all my kids (ages 6, 8 and 11) so excited. They've been asking to go to an art museum all week! We're thrilled to have these stories! Thank you!"

Kristen J.

Don’t just teach art… inspire it.

Your kids will go on a scavenger hunt with Picasso, find out why Van Gogh's paintings are disappearing, help Michelangelo finish the Sistine Chapel, explore Monet's gardens, camp in the desert with O'Keeffe and catch art thieves with Kandinsky. They will get to know these six amazing artists and learn what inspired them.

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